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Emergency Planning and Preparedness - North West

Manmade or natural disasters and emergencies can occur with little notice and lasting consequences. Families and businesses are encouraged to understand the risks, make an emergency plan and prepare supplies.

Emergency management and response is handled by several community agencies and is coordinated by County and municipal governments. See also Government Services Information.

These organizations will help individuals and business plan for the unexpected. Some provide guidance in the development of emergency plans and deliver emergency preparedness workshops and training.

These services serve all or part of North West
Alberton (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
3 Hwy 611 S, RR 1 - B2, Fort Frances, ON  P9A 3M2
Fire Hall 807-274-0592
Municipal Office 807-274-6053
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Anishinaabeg of Kabapikotawangag Resource Council  
505 Kavanaugh Rd, Sioux Narrows, ON  P0X 1N0
807-226-4445 Add to Clipboard
Aroland First Nation - Band Office  
Aroland, ON  P0T 1B0
807-329-5970 Add to Clipboard
Atikokan (Town of)  
120 Marks St, Atikokan, ON  P0T 1C0
Mayor's Office: 807-597-1234 Ext 235
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Bearskin Lake First Nation - Band Office  
Bearskin Lake First Nation, ON  P0V 1E0
Main 807-363-2518
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Biigtigong Nishnaabeg - Band Office  
78 Pic River Rd, Heron Bay, ON  P0T 1R0
807-229-1749 Add to Clipboard
Canadian Red Cross Society - Thunder Bay and District - Emergency and Disaster Management  
1145 Barton St, Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 5N3
807-623-3073 Add to Clipboard
Cat Lake First Nation - Band Office  
122 Back Rd W, Cat Lake, ON  P0V 1J0
Band Office 807-347-2100
Cat Lake Airport 807-347-2066
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Chapple (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
54 Barwick Rd, Barwick, ON  P0W 1A0
Township Office: 807-487-2354 Add to Clipboard
Conmee (Township of) - Conmee Emergency Services  
19 Holland Rd W, Kakabeka Falls, ON  P0T 1W0
Township office 807-475-5229 Add to Clipboard
Couchiching First Nation - Band Office  
Administration Centre, 107 Hwy 11, Fort Frances, ON  P9A 3M3
807-274-3228 Add to Clipboard
Dawson (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
211 4th St, Rainy River, ON  P0W 1L0
807-852-3529 Add to Clipboard
Deer Lake First Nation - Band Office  
Deer Lake, ON  P0V 1N0
807-775-2141 Add to Clipboard
Dorion (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
Dorion, ON  P0T 1K0
Non-emergency: 807-857-1037 Add to Clipboard
Dryden (City of) - Fire Service  
189 Colonization Ave S, Dryden, ON  P8N 2M6
807-223-1178 Add to Clipboard
Eabametoong First Nation - Band Office  
Eabamet Lake, ON  P0T 1L0
Main: 807-242-7221
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Ear Falls (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
2 Willow Cres, Ear Falls, ON  P0V 1T0
807-222-3624 Add to Clipboard
Fort Frances (Town of) - Fire Department  
320 Portage Ave, Fort Frances, ON  P9A 3P9
807-274-9841 Add to Clipboard
Gillies (Township of) - Emergency Services  
Kakabeka Falls, ON
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Ginoogaming First Nation - Band Office  
101 Poplar Cres, Longlac, ON  P0T 2A0
807-876-2242 Add to Clipboard
Greenstone (Municipality of) - Municipality Office - Greenstone Fire Department  
1800 Main St, Geraldton, ON  P0T 1M0
Municipal Office: 807-854-1100 Add to Clipboard
Ignace (Township of) - Fire Department  
315 Front St, Ignace, ON  P0T 1T0
807-934-2211 Add to Clipboard
Kasabonika Lake First Nation - Band Office  
Kasabonika, ON  P0V 1Y0
807-535-2547 Add to Clipboard
Kenora (City of)  
Kenora City Hall, 1 Main St S, Kenora, ON  P9N 3X2
807-467-2000 Add to Clipboard
La Vallee (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
56 Church Rd, Devlin, ON  P0W 1C0
Fire Hall Non-Emergency: 807-486-1338
Municipal Office: 807-486-3452
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Lac Seul First Nation - Frenchman's Head - Band Office  
Lac Seul, ON  P0V 1X0
Main 807-582-3503
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Lac Seul First Nation - Kejick Bay - Band Office  
Lac Seul, ON  P0V 2A0
Band Office 807-582-3211
Administration/Finance 807-582-3338
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Lac Seul First Nation - Whitefish Bay - Band Office  
Lac Seul, ON  P0V 2A0
807-582-3228 Add to Clipboard
Lake of the Woods (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
211 4th St, Rainy River, ON  P0W 1L0
Fire Chief 807-852-1654
Municipal Office 807-852-3529
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Lakehead Search and Rescue Unit - Confederation College, Dorion Building  
Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 6T6
24-hour Service 807-474-2287 Add to Clipboard
Long Lake 58 First Nation - Band Office  
Administration Building, 209 Otter St, Longlac, ON  P0T 2A0
807-876-2292 Add to Clipboard
Machin (Municipality of) - Fire Services  
75 Spruce St, Vermilion Bay, ON  P0V 2V0
Municipal Office 807-227-2633
Fire Hall 807-227-2056
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Manitouwadge (Town of) - Fire Department  
1 Mississauga Dr, Manitouwadge, ON  P0T 2C0
807-826-3227 Add to Clipboard
Marathon (Town of) - Emergency Services - Volunteer Fire Department  
6 Hemlo Dr, Marathon, ON  P0T 2E0
807-229-1340 ext 2227 Add to Clipboard
Matawa First Nations Management - Fire Safety and Protection  
233 Court St S, 2nd Fl, Thunder Bay, ON  P7B 2X9
807-344-4575 Add to Clipboard
McDowell Lake First Nation - Band Office  
Band Office, 146 Howey St, Unit 202, Red Lake, ON  P0V 2M0
807-735-1381 Ext 1308 Add to Clipboard
Mishkeegogamang First Nation - Band Office  
1 First Nation St, Mishkeegogamang, ON  P0V 2H0
Main 807-928-2414 Add to Clipboard
Mishkosiminiziibiing First Nation - Band Office  
410 Anishinabe Way, Big Grassy River First Nation, Morson, ON  P0W 1J0
807-488-5614 Add to Clipboard
Mitaanjigamiing First Nation - Band Office  
Stanjikoming First Nation, ON  P9A 3M9
807-274-2188 Add to Clipboard
Muskrat Dam First Nation - Band Office  
Muskrat Dam, ON  P0V 3B0
807-471-2573 Add to Clipboard
Naicatchewenin First Nation - Band Office  
RR 1, Devlin, ON  P0W 1C0
807-486-3407 Add to Clipboard
Neskantaga First Nation - Band Office  
Lansdowne House, ON  P0T 1Z0
807-479-2570 Add to Clipboard
Nibinamik First Nation - Band Office - Volunteer Fire Department  
Summer Beaver, ON  P0T 3B0
807-593-2131 Add to Clipboard
Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation - Band Office  
Nigigoonsiminikaaning First Nation, ON  P9A 3M5
807-481-2536 Add to Clipboard
Nipigon (Township of) - Fire Department  
Fifth St, Nipigon, ON  P0T 2J0
807-887-4639 Add to Clipboard
North Caribou Lake First Nation - Band Office - Fire Department  
Weagamow Lake, ON  P0V 2Y0
807-469-5191 Add to Clipboard
Northwestern Ontario Air Search and Rescue Association  
Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 6M8
807-577-4329 Add to Clipboard
O'Connor (Township of) - Volunteer Fire Department  
O'Connor, ON  P0T 1W0
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Ojibways of Onigaming First Nation - Band Office - Fire Department  
Band Office, 703 Ketemiikana Dr, Nestor Falls, ON  P0X 1K0
807-484-2162 Add to Clipboard
Oliver Paipoonge (Municipality of) - Fire Hall - Fire and Emergency Services  
63 Rubin Dr, Murillo, ON  P7K 0B1
807-935-2622 Add to Clipboard
Pays Plat First Nation - Pays Plat Health Centre  
Health Centre, 10 Pow Wow Dr, Business Centre, Unit C, Pays Plat, ON  P0T 3C0
807-824-1112 Add to Clipboard
Pic Mobert First Nation - Band Office - Volunteer Fire Department  
207 Second St, Mobert, ON  P0M 2J0
807-822-2134 Add to Clipboard
Pickle Lake (Township of) - Fire Department  
2 Anne St N, Pickle Lake, ON  P0V 3A0
Municipal Office 807-928-2034
Fire Chief 807-928-2316
Fire Hall 807-928-2255
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Pikangikum First Nation - Band Office  
Pikangikum, ON  P0V 2L0
807-773-5578 Add to Clipboard
Rainy River First Nation - Band Office  
6 Manitou Rapids Dr, Emo, ON  P0W 1E0
807-482-2479 Add to Clipboard
Sachigo Lake First Nation - Sachigo Lake Business Centre - Fire Department  
48 Airport Rd, Sachigo Lake, ON  P0V 2P0
807-595-2527 Add to Clipboard
Sandy Lake First Nation - Volunteer Fire Department  
Sandy Lake, ON  P0V 1V0
807-774-3421 Add to Clipboard
Schreiber (Township of) - Centennial Station - Schreiber Fire Department  
Centennial Fire Station, 222 Subway St, Schreiber, ON  P0T 2S0
807-824-2094 Add to Clipboard
Seine River First Nation - Seine River Fire Department - Fire Department  
37 Riverside Rd, Seine River First Nation, ON  P0W 1H0
Band Office 807-599-2224
Fire Hall 807-599-2842 (Non-emergency)
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Shibogama First Nations Council - Payahtakenemowin  
81 King St, Sioux Lookout, ON  P8T 1A5
807-737-2662 Add to Clipboard
Shuniah (Municipality of) - Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services - Station 1 - 1700 Lakeshore Drive - Fire and Emergency Services  
1700 Lakeshore Dr, Shuniah, ON  P7A 0T1
807-983-2021 Add to Clipboard
Shuniah (Municipality of) - Shuniah Fire & Emergency Services - Station 2 - Road 5 South - Fire and Emergency Services  
144 Rd 5 S, Shuniah, ON  P7A 0T1
807-983-2021 Add to Clipboard
Sioux Lookout (Municipality of)  
25 Fifth Ave, Sioux Lookout, ON  P8T 1A4
807-737-2700 Add to Clipboard
Slate Falls Nation - Band Office - Fire Department  
48 Lakeview Dr, Slate Falls, ON  P0V 3C0
807-737-5700 Add to Clipboard
Terrace Bay (Township of) - Fire and Emergency Services  
8 Radisson Ave, Terrace Bay, ON  P0T 2W0
807-825-3554 or 807-825-1180 Add to Clipboard
Thunder Bay (City of). Municipal Services - Community and Emergency Services  
Victoriaville Civic Centre, 111 Syndicate Ave S, Thunder Bay, ON  P7E 6S4
807-625-2544 Add to Clipboard
Thunder Bay Area Emergency Measures Organization  
RR 2, , Kakabeka Falls, ON  P0T 1W0
807-577-1990 Add to Clipboard
Upsala Local Services Board  
Inwood Park Office, 4185 Hwy 17, Upsala, ON  P0T 2Y0
807-986-1845 Add to Clipboard
Wapekeka First Nation - Band Office  
Wapekeka First Nation, ON  P0V 1B0
807-537-2315 Add to Clipboard
Webequie First Nation - Band Office  
Webequie, ON  P0T 3A0
Band Office: 807-353-6531
Peacekeepers: 807-353-1210
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Whitesand First Nation - Band Office - Whitesand First Nation Site  
Doug's Dr, Armstrong, ON  P0T 1A0
Main 807-583-2177
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Windigo First Nations Council - Fire Protection and Prevention  
160 Alcona Dr, Sioux Lookout, ON  P8T 1A3
807-737-1585 Add to Clipboard
Wunnumin Lake First Nation - Band Office  
Wunnumin Lake First Nation, ON  P0V 2Z0
807-442-2559 Add to Clipboard

These services are located outside of North West, but provide service to North West.
Canada. Public Health Agency of Canada  
130 Colonnade Rd, Address Locator 6501H, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0K9
1-844-280-5020 Add to Clipboard
Canada. Public Safety Canada -  
1-800-622-6232 (1-800-O-CANADA) Add to Clipboard
Canadian Red Cross  
170 Metcalfe St, Ottawa, ON  K2P 2P2
613-740-1900 Add to Clipboard
Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction  
20 Richmond St E, Suite 210, Toronto, ON  M5C 2R9
416-364-8677 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services - Emergency Management Ontario  
25 Morton Shulman Ave, Toronto, ON  M3M 0B1
647-329-1100 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care - Radiation Health Response Plan  
1075 Bay Street, Suite 810, Toronto, ON  M5S 2B1
Healthcare Provider Hotline: 1-866-212-2272 Add to Clipboard
Ontario. Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing - Disaster Recovery Assistance  
1-844-780-8925 Add to Clipboard

North West LHIN